The Projects Issue 5 Vol 3

Welcome to the August // September instalment of The Projects Magazine. In this edition we feature DTCB, a member of De Beers Group, which is also a prominent player in the diamond industry.

DTCB is the world’s largest and most sophisticated rough diamond sorting and valuing operation, with a capacity to sort 45 million carats a year. It is unrivalled in this space.

The Managing Director of DTCB Sedireng ‘Sed’ Serumola gave us an insight into what the DTCB Strategy2026 mean for the company, a new chapter that started in 2022.

The company is stepping forward as a catalyst for change through this new strategic direction. DTCB is no longer content with being a participant, it has risen to the challenge of becoming a true industry leader—a visionary force that redefines the essence of diamond sorting and valuation in the world.

DTCB’s journey, under the leadership of Sed, is not just about embracing innovation; it’s about setting the innovation agenda.

By leveraging advanced technologies, the company is not only redefining the sorting and valuation process but also shaping the future of the entire industry.

We also feature in detail the Local Manufacturing Summit which was held in Gaborone from the 1st – 3rd August 2023 at GICC.

The summit, organised by the Botswana Chamber of Mines, saw key players in both government and the private sector discussing pertinent issues affecting the manufacturing industry.

The summit deliberations have shed light on several key issues that hold significant implications for Botswana’s economic landscape.

As a diamond driven economy, we have also been monitoring developments in global diamond market.

De Beers, has reported a decline in sales during the second quarter, reflecting the broader slowdown in the diamond market and changing consumer preferences during the period.

The shift towards smaller, lower-value diamond goods and the prevailing macroeconomic headwinds have contributed to this downward trend, according to De Beers.

Though in the short term this will greatly impact on government’s revenue, in the medium and long term, there is no need to panic.

This edition if filled with many other exciting news across different industries. Enjoy your read.

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