The Projects Issue 7 Vol 3

Welcome to the October-November edition of your favourite read! In this edition, the headlining organisation is Botswana Oil Limited (BOL) which is celebrating a decade since its establishment in 2013. Functioning as the National Oil Company (NOC) of Botswana, it plays a crucial role in ensuring the security and efficiency of petroleum product supply and distribution.

In this edition, we delve much into BOL, mainly its mandate and what it has achieved so far. We also looked into the future of the company. BOL’s mandate extends far beyond just delivering fuel in times of need. It encompasses managing strategic reserve facilities, bulk storage, and distribution facilities. Moreover, BOL actively engages in promoting citizen involvement in the petroleum industry value chain, acting as a transformative force that unlocks business opportunities and drive sector growth.

Over the past decade, BOL has demonstrated unwavering commitment in securing fuel supply for Botswana. Its role was notable during the challenging times of the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown, when BOL efficiently supplied essential petroleum products. The company’s growth is evident, with an increase in fuel volumes from 4 million litres in 2014 to a staggering 187 million litres in the last financial year, generating substantial revenue for the country.

Moreover, BOL has enhanced its infrastructure and systems, increasing its staff from under 20 employees at inception to over 130 today. The implementation of the SAP ERP system, product additive injection, and the establishment of a product testing facility lab showcase the company’s dedication to delivering high-quality fuel that adheres to prescribed standards.

The company has actively diversified its sources of fuel supply. It has established active supply contracts in South Africa, Namibia, and Mozambique, reducing concentration risk and ensuring supply security. BOL is exploring alternative routes to manage cost differentials, further strengthening the country’s fuel security.

We also zoom into Botswana Ash, which is set to redefine Botswana’s position in the global mining and minerals industry with its ambitious P6 billion expansion plan. This forward-looking plan intend to double salt production from 100,000 tonnes to an impressive 200,000 tonnes and expand soda ash production from 300,000 tonnes to a substantial 430,000 tonnes. These numbers alone underscore the immense potential for growth and transformation on the horizon.

During a recent panel discussion at the Global Expo, it was highlighted that the demand for soda ash in Africa stands at a significant 1.8 million tonnes, while current supply from Botswana and Kenya combined is only 700,000 tonnes. Botash aims to bridge this gap and tap into this substantial market demand.

Soda ash from Botash is a vital component in South African industries, particularly in glass manufacturing, chemical production, and metallurgical operations. With this planned expansion, Botash is not just seeking to increase quantity; it’s striving to create a ripple effect through value chain investments and job creation.

The commitment of P6.6 billion in capital expenditure over the strategy’s implementation period is a clear signal of intent to unlock regional and international markets. This expansion strategy has the potential to reshape Botswana’s industrial landscape. It is set to create thousands of jobs, increase government revenues, and open avenues for innovative product development like fertiliser grade potash, tapping into the rich resources of Sua Pan.

In the global diamond industry, De Beers fully supports the objectives of G7 countries to prohibit diamonds of Russian origin. De Beers made its position known through an open letter, authored by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Al Cook. The letter emphasizes the need for a collaborative and coherent approach to effectively trace all diamonds, protecting jobs and businesses in diamond-producing African countries while ensuring inclusivity for all industry members.

The edition is packed with other important industry news that we are confident you will enjoy as the reader of The Projects Magazine. For regular updates follow our social media platforms.

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