Matsiloje cement plant gets new lease of life with P500 million investment

Work is underway to resuscitate the Matsiloje cement manufacturing plant, Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) Chief Executive Officer Kelotsositse Olebile has revealed.

Speaking to The Projects Magazine onthe sidelines of Mining Indaba last week, Olebile said a BITC facilitated investment will bring the plant back to production.

“On site, work is evidently happening, preparations are underway for reopening of the plant” revealed Olebile.

The BITC Chief said an investment of P500 million has been pumped into the business. ” I cannot reveal the finer details now but there is a major development in Francistown, at the well known Matsiloje cement plant, we facilitated a company to acquire the facility from previous owners, the new company is putting in an investment of around P500 million with a view to scale up production to 900 000 tonnes of cement, our early assessment says Botswana uses around 650 000 tonnes, that is demand per annum, so those guys could actually meet our local demand and even export, there is active deployment, if you go to Matsilotse right now you will find massive activities around the plant, we have visited them, its a very exciting development “

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