Flotek opens new Pipe Manufacturing Factory in Taung

-For High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes
-Will create additional 270 Jobs for Batswana

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On Friday 10 December 2021, Botswana’s home grown pipes and fittings manufacturer Flotek officially launched its new HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Factory in Taung Industrial, near Ramotswa.

Flotek Managing Director Vijay Naik said the new manufacturing plant comes as a big technological revolution in the mining and farming industries in Botswana and will create at least 270 jobs for Batswana.

High-density polyethylene, known as HDPE plastic is a denser version of polyethylene typically used to make water and drain pipes because of its rigidness and crystalline structure.

Flotek is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pipes, tanks, fittings and irrigation products, since 1998 and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of pipes in Southern Africa with a total production of 35 thousand tonnes annually and an employment count of over 550 Batswana.

Pleading for support, Vijay Naik said Botswana has very good policies meant to support local industry and manufacturers, yet on the practical side, government and the Mining Industry continue to spend billions on foreign manufacturers for products that can be manufactured locally.

The event was graced by Ramotswa Member of Parliament Honourable Lefoko Maxwell Moagi who is also Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security.

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