The Projects Issue 6 Vol 3

Welcome to the September/October edition of The Projects Magazine. In this edition, we had an opportunity to discuss with the Managing Director of Lucara Botswana, Naseem Lahri, the company’s impact in Botswana since they started operations in Botswana over 10 years ago! Thiers is an exciting story, and a benchmark for other companies.

Lucara Botswana, the operator of the Karowe diamond mine, is not only a leading producer of high-quality diamonds, but also a shining example of corporate social responsibility in the mining sector. The company has demonstrated its commitment to making a positive impact on the communities where it operates, as well as the country at large, through various initiatives that address real problems and ensure long-term solutions.

Lucara Botswana is doing a great job in intervening in real problems in communities and ensuring long-term solutions. The company is creating jobs and building business entities with potential growth. The company is also contributing to social welfare, environmental conservation and sports development. Lucara Botswana is setting a high standard for corporate social responsibility in mining and deserves recognition and appreciation for its efforts.

One of the flagship programmes that Lucara Botswana has implemented is the Karowe Village Initiatives (KVIs), which involve funding of economic community projects to empower communities to create and sustain income-generating projects. The KVIs cover four villages in the Boteti region: Mokubilo, Khwee, Mmadikola and Kolonkwaneng.

These four KVIs are examples of how Lucara Botswana is investing in sustainable development and empowering communities to become self-reliant and prosperous. The company is not only providing financial support, but also technical assistance and mentorship to ensure the success of these projects.

Another major initiative that Lucara Botswana is undertaking is the construction of the Letlhakane Sports Complex, which started with the purpose of encouraging sports development in Boteti District. The sports complex will consist of a football pitch, a running track, a VIP stand, spectator stands, change rooms, access roads, portable water pipelines, a sports hall and outdoor courts. The construction works started in 2021 and are expected to be completed by 2024. The sports complex will be a state-of-the-art facility that will provide opportunities for recreation, talent development and social cohesion for the people of Boteti and beyond.

Lucara Botswana has also drilled boreholes for some communities that were facing water challenges for their livestock and other uses. The company has drilled boreholes for Bogogobo, Mosu and Borolong villages, and equipped them with water reticulation systems and reservoirs. These boreholes have improved the livelihoods of these communities by providing them with reliable water sources.

The Projects Magazine once again participated at the Orapa Diamond Golf Challenge as a media partner, and the annual event as usual, rose to the occasion. The golf challenge brings pleasure and business together, and it is worth mentioning that in terms of the conversations and take home from the summit, it was more than worth it for those who participated.

In this edition we feature conversations from the mining summit at the Orapa Diamond Golf Challenge, in relation to Debswana taking the lead in embracing technology and digital transformation by implementing some major changes in the way it conducts its business. These include pronouncements on first automated drilling coming this December and the launch of Debswana Digital Academy.

This edition also features CEDA launch of its online services, an innovative approach that will change how the agency does business with its customers. Indeed the future is increasingly digital, and the only survival for the next generation is creativity. The new platform allows customers to apply for loans from anywhere using the online services, and customers can pretty much do everything online they used to do, physically.

We will continue to be an authority in the space that we occupy, and deliver industry news better than anyone else! Enjoy your read!.

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