DTCB completes Phase 1 of the P10.8 million – 950 kWp Solar PV Plant

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DTCB completes Phase 1 of the P10.8 million – 950 kWp Solar PV Plant

In November 2020, Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) announced the launch of a new solar PV plant project to be carried out in two phases.

Phase 1 involved the construction of a 350 kWp solar PV plant at an estimated cost of P5.2 million, and Phase 2 involves construction of a further 600 kWp solar PV plant that would generate sufficient energy to power the entire DTC Botswana’s facility during daytime; Phase 2 is expected to cost P5.6 million.

In September, DTCB announced that the 350 kWp solar power plant has been safely constructed, commissioned, and fully connected to the Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) grid.

The 350 kWp is expected to reduce DTC Botswana power demand by about 33% during peak hours and overall energy consumption by 18%; this is equivalent to powering approximately 100 households a day.

“This initiative is expected to contribute towards the DTC Botswana’s goal of reducing carbon emissions and protecting the natural world. Phase 2 will commence in September 2021 and will increase the capacity of the plant to 950 kWp, which will enable the plant to meet 100% of DTCB Botswana’s energy demand during the day and reduce overall energy consumption by about 48%,” said DTC Botswana Senior Manager-Technical Services, Prudence Mabua.

Mabua said DTCB, which is 50-50 partnership between De Beers Group and Botswana Government is “proud to become one of the pioneering companies in Botswana to build a solar PV plant and thereby supporting the government efforts in promoting green technologies.”

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