Botswana Gold production on free fall as Mupane Gold Mine nears end of life.

Botswana ‘s Gold production has been plummeting over the past few months, during the 2021 third quarter production decreased by 26.9 percent (65 kilograms) , from 241kilograms during the same quarter of the previous year to 176 kilograms currently.

The quarter-on-quarter analysis reflects a decrease of 5.5 percent (10 kilograms) to 176 kilograms during the third quarter of 2021, compared to 186 kilograms in the preceding quarter.

Botswana ‘s sole gold producer is Galane Gold’ s Mupane Mine in North East Botswana, enclaved around the historic gold fields of Francistown.

The decrease in production according to Statistics Botswana was a result of the
deteriorating lifespan of the mine. Mupane Gold Mine is currently on a rough run with imminent workers strike over unsatisfactory payments. The impending protests have been heavily endorsed by Botswana Mine Workers Union.

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