Jwaneng Mine Recrush Plant wins Golden Plant Award

Debswana’s Jwaneng Mine Recrush Plant has won the latest Group Processing Golden Plant Award. Jwaneng took the three top spots in the Quarter three (3) awards with Jwaneng Modular Plant (JMP) and the Jwaneng Main Treatment Plant (MTP) in second and third respectively, a fantastic achievement for Debswana. 

This award recognises the metallurgical processing plant which demonstrates an outstanding drive to perform above and beyond the technical limits, while embedding Processing Without Harm as a way of life. The trophy is awarded each quarter to the plant with the highest Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) rankings across Runtime, Throughput and Recovery – while always putting the safety of employees first. The Debswana Jwaneng Mine Recrush Plant received the latest award for safely and consistently achieving high overall equipment effectiveness for the quarter, with no recorded Lost Time Injuries (LTIs). The awards are part of Debswana, De Beers and Anglo American’s drive to improve the productivity and efficiency of their assets by achieving and exceeding global benchmarks

The General Manager of Jwaneng Mine, Mr Koolatotse Koolatotse said, “Jwaneng mine is a pacesetter in achieving breakthrough results to add ever increasing value to Botswana and the citizens of this country.” We are excited to see the performance of our plants coming out tops. From our Edge 360 Strategy to the Current ODOT Debswana 2024 Strategy we commit to adding more and more value to our stakeholders. The performance is really testimony to the caliber of Batswana who work in our mining industry. Mr. Koolatotse said praising the Jwaneng Teams. “We thank Anglo American for giving us the opportunity to participate in these awards”, He added.

“It is extremely humbling to see the performance of our plants recognised across the Group. The performance is indicative of the breakthrough culture that is transforming Jwaneng Mine into a high performing operation,” said Jwaneng Senior Ore Processing Manager, Kgolagano Banabotlhe. He also commended the team for the sterling performance pointing out that the achievement is attributable to the strong work ethic, teamwork, and dedication across the entire value chain from pit to the recovery. “I also take my hat off to Jwaneng Modular Plant (JMP) and Main Treatment Plant (MTP) for coming second and third. This is exceptional performance,” he said.

Group Head of Processing at Anglo American, Andrew Mc Clelland, said, “This is really exciting as additional beneficiation sites areas were brought in to expand the Golden Plant Awards. It has been encouraging to see how Jwaneng Mine has significantly improved its Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) performance over the past year. As we move into the final quarter, this time of the year is traditionally demanding for our industry. While we need to remain focused, this cannot come at the expense of safety, which is always our priority. In Quarter 1 2022 there will be an awards ceremony where the overall winner for 2021 will be announced, which will take place alongside the Golden Shovel Award and others. Well done to Jwaneng Mine and De Beers in achieving this excellent outcome.”

This is not the first time Debswana Jwaneng Mine plants feature in Anglo American P101 dashboards. Jwaneng Modular Plant (JMP) was the overall winner in 2020 Anglo P101 Golden Plants Awards.

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