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Diamond Trading Company Botswana (DTCB) is easily among the most recognisable companies in Botswana, and a significant player in Botswana’s diamond story. Beyond its reputation in sorting and valuing of diamonds, the company embraces the culture of excellence and outstanding performance.

Senior Manager- Human Resources at DTCB, Stella Moetse is at the helm of building a capacity for a High-Performance Organisation, an undertaking which requires a comprehensive and strategic approach in dealing with people related imperatives such as organisational culture, change management, leadership, employee performance, diversity and inclusion.

DTCB has developed a new company strategy that aims to transform the company into a High Performing Organisation (HPO). This strategy is driven by the new Purpose of Unlocking Diamond Value and Adding Sparkle to Lives. Through this strategy, the company aims to achieve an Ambition of Pioneering a New Diamond World of Sorting and Valuing.

For the first time, DTCB’s strategy was developed by the DTCB employees and not outside consultants. Individual departments are also responsible for identifying and embedding behaviours that are essential for realisation of the strategic outcomes. It was a bold move which Moetse expects to pay dividends given the buy-in the strategy gets from the staff as it is their brainchild.


DTCB currently employs 425 people, with women accounting for 45 percent. The company has boldly stepped forward as the first organisation within the De Beers Group in Botswana to acknowledge and support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI+) community within its ranks.

This landmark move highlights DTCB’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity. The establishment of a network for LGBTQI+ individuals further reinforces the company’s dedication to creating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

To ensure that DTCB truly accommodates the LGBTQI+ community, the company engaged an external consultant to comprehensively evaluate DTCB policies, interview employees and union representatives and highlight areas where improvements could be made to ensure that DTCB workplace culture is conducive, inclusive and supportive to diverse groups.

Other consultants have been from the University of Botswana to help with a study on how best to bring differently-abled people to work for the organisation.


DTCB’s dedication to high performance extends to the well-being of its employees. According to Moetse, DTCB embraces a definition provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that health encompasses more than the absence of disease, therefore the company is concerned with both the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees.

DTCB pays for 100 percent of medical aid for its employees, one of the few companies with that provision. It also has a dedicated Health and Wellness Manager, who is an occupational medical doctor by training, an on-site clinic, a gym, and a fully serviced cafeteria, all this highlighting the commitment to holistic employee wellness.

The company also provides resources such as proactive health education, psychological services for employees and their dependents, a financial wellness program that covers debt management and wealth/investment management which is a recognition that DTCB is of the philosophy that supporting employees goes beyond the professional realm.


DTCB’s commitment to excellence is further evident through its investment in employee development. DTCB, as part of the De Beers Group of company, according Moetse, regularly sends their employees to work in other companies within the group as part of training and exposure.

The company houses the largest academy for diamond sorters, nurturing talent from various backgrounds, including those who joined after completing their secondary education. The Graduate Development Programme, Internship Programme, and BICA partnership initiatives underscore DTCB’s investment in its workforce’s growth and potential.

Moetse said the above initiatives are part of the DTCB’s contribution towards Botswana’s aspiration of being a Knowledge-Based economy.


Moetse reveals that the path of change was not without its challenges at DTCB. The organisation faced hurdles due to a lack of competence in handling change, resulting in struggles during the implementation of transformative strategies.

 “As an organisation we really struggled in managing change that is needed to achieve our strategy. We also needed a mindset change. The company has now invested in change management, by identifying a change model approach to use and building management capacity to manage change with around 70 managers on change management. You cannot operate a new operating model without putting those basic things in place,” she said.

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