Botswana still importing engineering skills in large numbers.

Engineering and allied skills top the list of trained personnel that Botswana sources out of the country.

In the Work Permits Holders report for the Fourth Quarter 2020 released by Statistics Botswana early this year most of skilled work permit holders are those inthe space of Engineering and allied programs.

Among the employee work permit holders, 37.5 percent (1,247) had no Training or had not stated if they have any training while Degree holders accounted for 33.5 percent (1,112) of work permit holders with known training status.

Diploma holders accounted for 18.2 percent (606) and Certificate holders contributed 10.8 percent (359) of employee work permit holders

Engineering & Allied programs topped the work permit holders with known training status, accounting for 10.9 percent, followed by work permit holders with Commercial, Clerical and Business & Public Administration programs and Other Craft and Trade Programs at 7.9 percent and 7.6 percent respectively.

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